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With almost a billion users worldwide, LinkedIn is becoming the go-to platform for hosting virtual events. We are helping brands build their presence on LinkedIn through the power of LinkedIn Live. With LinkedIn Live, you can bring together industry experts, partners, customers, and a host of thought leaders to discuss your industry's hot topics and engage your audience in a dialogue rather than a monologue. LinkedIn Live events are excellent for brand awareness and building your brand. At Social Tree, we are pioneering this groundbreaking new format.

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We live in a world where every company can now become its own media brand. There is no longer a need to rely solely on television and paid channels to prosper. Instead, you can use social media to reach millions, if not billions, of people worldwide. Leading platforms such as LinkedIn are about identifying the stars within your company who possess the charisma and voice to truly exhibit thought leadership in your industry. When it comes to content marketing, this new format is greatly assisting brands in staying ahead of the technology curve.

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You don't have to limit your LinkedIn Live to just LinkedIn; you can create long-form content in the form of a LinkedIn Live event, then cut up the video into shorts that can be shared across LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and even TikTok. You can also take the audio and upload it to Spotify to create your own podcast show. By doing it this way, you can make use of content, repurpose it, and respin it across all leading social media channels.

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